General Questions

1What is MBJ Stand for?
Muaz Bin Jabal
2What is MBJ Academy?
MBJ Academy was Set up in 2014 founded by some passionate Individuals including, Maulana Inamullah Sahab, Br. Atiq ur Rehman, Molvi Ahmed Hilal and some others scholars. The motivation behind the initiation is the quality of education for their own children.
3What is Montessori all about?
It’s a Method founded by Maria Montessori over 100 years ago using hands-on training allowing and teaching the children how to handle the Montessori apparatus and letting the children experience, discover and master skills on their own.
4What makes MBJ Academy different from other Kindergarten schools?
The foundation of MBJ Academy is set upon three major pillars: • Inculcation of Islamic practices and knowledge into the method and daily life of children and adults in schools. • The use of Early Childhood Education techniques which is globally recognized • 100% use of English as the first medium of instruction and communication in MBJ Academy.
5How will you ensure us that MBJ Academy will have a solid education and a strong discipline for our child?
We have set high standards for our schools. We have created the special SPICE Maturity Program which was meticulously designed to enrich the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional areas of development of each student. The SPICE Program comes with the Target Plan that the entire Academic Board has come up with to ensure that our aims and goals for the educational achievements of the children are met.
6What does the MBJ Academy offer in terms of Lessons in Islam?
We have developed an Islamic Program consisting of the Lessons in Islam which comprises of lessons in Salaat, Hifzul Hadith, Hifzul Surah and Daily dua, Akhlah, Ibadah, Aqeedah, Seerah and the Noorani Qaida which covers Quran reading. Apart from the above, the program also instills the 4 main pillars of our Islamic teaching - love for Allah, love for the Prophet, love for Parents and love for Jannah.
7What teaching methods and materials are used in Lessons in Islam?
The Early Childhood Education is applied in teaching any subject in MBJ Academy. Lessons in Islam benefits from this method as well because customized materials and approaches are used to instill the lessons.
8What are the Programs you offer?
Regular program and Star Session: Regular (Morning) Program time: 8:00am – 01:15 noon Regular Program time (Afternoon - Coming Soon) : 01:30pm – 4:30pm Dream Tahfeez time (Coming Soon) : 8:00am – 3:00pm
9What is Dream Tahfeez?
Dream Tahfeez program consist of Memorizing Complete Al-Quran and Spoken Arabic. Timing will be from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm.
10کیا ایم بی جے اکیڈمی کا ہر بچہ حفظ القرآن میں داخل ہوسکتا ہے؟
جی نہیں ایسا بالکل نہیں ہے صرف ان بچوں کو حفظ القرآن پروگرام میں داخل کیا جاتا ہے جن کی کارکردگی اور گھر کا ماحول حفظ القرآن کے لیے سازگار ہو۔

Academic Questions

1School time starts at what time?
It starts @ 8:00 a.m Mondays to Fridays for Regular Program.
2If I send my child to school late, would there be charges?
There will be no charges, however we do not tolerate late comers as the child will miss his/her major subject lessons. Please send your child on time.
3How many subjects do you have in this school?
We have 6 major learning areas namely Creative Art, EPL, Sensorial, Language art, Mathematics, Cultural, Lessons in Islam, Story Telling and Conversation, Physical Education, and Creative Studies. We have extra learning activities such as Right Brain Training, Brainy Mandarin and Little Scientist Programme.